DigiArt Bridges Web3 & IRL in Latest Release

3 min readNov 23, 2022


Experience art culture, events and ownership in a revolutionary way.

It’s been quite a few weeks in web3! It’s important that we rebuild trust in each of our web3 communities. For DigiArt specifically, we envision this with art and experiences — digital ownership advantages are at a peak, translating to more accessibility and relatability among young collectors who care about social signaling. At the same time, a surging COVID rebound estimates IRL growth at 13% annually, with the greatest growth coming from youth exploring new experiences, technology and alternative event experiences (Allied Market Research). And finally, Web3 ticketing to enhance social dynamics with strong network effects.

We want to build the technical and IRL bridge between web3 and the rest of the world, but we can’t do that until we build trust as a reputable platform that supports both fine artists and our most loyal art communities.

We’re starting off with Kharmaworld (https://kharmaworld.xyz) — our Digital Art Collection collaboration with renowned artist, Harif Guzman. For Kharmaworld, we’re dropping an intimate Phase 1 VIP collection of 333 pieces that represent three characters that are deeply meaningful to artist Harif Guzman and embody the personas he’s “adopted” to keep up with life in New York.

You have the Brolic, who has been toughened up by rough times, Drago who embraces their own identity and leads with confidence, and lastly, Ghost, who is beyond human form and whose sorcerous ways can change your life.

Between Kharmaworld and web3, there are shared similarities. There will always be good and bad actors as you only are what you put out into the world, but in order to keep pushing, you have to remain positive. With that said, you’ll notice that in this collection, not only are there dracula and horror-inspired undertones (Harif’s signature style), but they are also contrasted with bright and vibrant colors that remind us to remain optimistic.

But it doesn’t stop there, it’s Kharmaworld for a reason. We aim to bring Harif’s signature art styles and web3 innovation to the real world. Kharmaworld has a following of its own for its unique style, but it’s also bringing an unprecedented level of utility in our effort to build a stronger web3 and IRL community.

As a DigiArt Collector, each Kharmaworld Collectible unlocks a number of benefits including: tickets to Art Miami, a mintable Digital Art Collectible, a signed print by Kharmaworld Artist Harif Guzman and VIP package at our Miami Art Week Launch Party. And that’s just for Kharmaworld!

This year, DigiArt still has a number of extremely unique and talented artists like Vollut and Santlov lined up that will help set the stage for our road map early next year. We’re on track to launch into a vast, untapped market for Web3 enabled experiences which is expected to grow 40% per-annum with the potential to redefine art markets.

We’ll be setting up exclusive events in Los Angeles, New York and Europe (just to name a few) — all in the name of art and community. Join us as we enable the future of digital and physical utility, by combining art culture experiences, events and ownership in a revolutionary way.

More information on our Kharmaworld mint starting Wed Nov 23 at 09:00 Eastern Time.

Visit https://kharmaworld.xyz to learn more.

In the meantime, come check us out at Miami Art Week!




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